PROTON Edar has achieved a commendable success in building the PROTON brand name as the pride of the nation. PROTON's success story is a testimony of its product quality and excellent service.

PROTON Edar has shown remarkable progress in the past and will persistently improve its services in the wake of increasing market competition and the impending challenges which the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) will bring.

Being the sole marketing arm of PROTON, PROTON Edar will constantly strive to be at the forefront of the industry. We have commanded the local automotive market, and will continuously dominate the pursuit of being the Customer's Number One Choice for Automotive Products & Services.


At PROTON, we abide by the simple belief that every effort shall never go unrewarded. We continue to thrive and share on the basic qualities of honesty, enthusiasm, creativity and respect for co-workers and customers.

As a brand that is committed to be better, we provide extensive training in pursuit of enhancing the fullest potential in every employee to his or her optimum capacity. The Management ensures that every deserving employee receives equal opportunity to advance and progress within the organisation.

Employee Benefits

Employees of PROTON are the company's assets. It is not beyond reason to realise that the wisest investment would be in the employees' development.

The employee benefits at PROTON were structured to acknowledge individual effort, stimulate new ideas, encourage outstanding sales performance and last but not least, to promote teamwork and character building.

The Management has carefully crafted an employee benefits plan that comprises of areas such as salary increments, variable pay and performance incentives, a retirement scheme, health insurance, life insurance and accidental insurance with regards to financial protection for the employee's beneficiaries.

Corporate Relationships

PROTON provides a solid support system in assisting each employee to develop a successful business relationship internally and integrating the functions in the corporation, leading to a more culminated sales record and delivery.

We work to ensure that a common language is used and that the company values are consistent with the practices of the line employees, as well as the staff. In other words, the Management conducts its business with the utmost transparency in aspiring to ensure that a mutual objective is achieved.

General Job Application

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